Author Guidelines

Authors must fill out the form as detailed as possible in which an asterisk form must be included. After all the form text boxes are filled in, the Author clicks the "Register" button to continue registration. After completing registering for an account in the Journal, the Author is directed to submit an online manuscript that is in accordance with the Jurnal Kepemimpinan dan Pengurusan Sekolah template. Online submission of manuscripts by clicking "Submission of New Manuscripts". Following are the five steps in the online submission process:

Step 1 - Initiating Submissions: Choose an appropriate journal section, i.e. Original Research Article, Review Article, or Short Communication. As such, authors must tick-mark on the submission checklist. Then click Save and Continue.

Step 2 - Uploading Submission: To upload a manuscript to this journal, click Browse on the Upload submission file item and select the manuscript document file to send, then click the Upload button.

Step 3 - Entering Metadata Submission: In this step, detailed author metadata should be entered including the corresponding authors marked. After that, the manuscript title and abstract must be uploaded by copying the text and pasting it in the text box including keywords and references.

Step 4 - Uploading Additional Files: Supplementary files must be uploaded including the Covering/Submission Letter, and a Signed Copyright Transfer Agreement Form. Therefore, click the Browse button, select a file, and then click the Upload button.

Step 5 - Confirmation of Submission: Authors should check the manuscript documents uploaded in this step. To submit a manuscript to the School Leadership and Management journal, click the Finish Submission button after the document is correct. The appropriate author or primary contact will receive an acknowledgment via email and will be able to view the progress of the submission through the editorial process by logging on to the journal's web site address.

After this submission, the author who submits the manuscript will receive a confirmation email regarding the submission. Therefore, Authors can track the status of their submission at any time by logging into their online submission account. Submission tracking includes manuscript review status and editorial process